Blockchain Data Landscape

Ecosystem overview of the companies and tools providing data, APIs, and analytics across various blockchains.


Low Level Infrastructure

Close to the chain - Nodes, RPCs, ETL tools, block explorers, etc...

Decentralized Data

Protocols used to store data in a decentralized manner on-chain.

Applications to easily search blockchain data. Must support multiple chains otherwise this list will get out of control...

Onchain Data

Providers with raw and processed blockchain data, such as blocks, transactions, events, etc...

Enterprise Research

Providers who not only offer blockchain data, but also proprietary platforms with tools to research and analyze the data.

Market Data

Mostly APIs and token go up data. Some granular DeFi analytics.

NFT Data

Various tools offering data, analytics, and insights on NFTs.

Product Analytics

Focused on measuring community acquisition, engagement, retention, etc...

Security & Risk

Data sets and tools focused on monitoring and analyzing on-chain security.

Bitcoin Data

Data providers with a specific focus on Bitcoin.

Speciality Data

Data providers with a specific focus on metaverse, wallets, DAOs, social, etc...

Data Tools

Tools with specific purposes such as search, alerts, dev tools, etc...

Communities & Learning

Various communities and platforms to learn about blockchain data.